Saturday, November 19, 2011

Available on Amazon

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wait just a minute!

I only thought I was done. Shortly after I mailed my painting off, I got a phone call saying they (the publishers) were having some problems with the scans. They where too light and the faces were washing out. So, they sent everything back. I had to repaint all of the faces and a lot of the backgrounds. I ended up scanning everything at kinkos and doing a lot more corrections in photo shop. Plus they didn't like my bio photo. They wanted a more professional look, so I trotted off to Sears. Sears put all of my shots on to a disk for me, I am so glad they included the un-retouched photos, because they where the ones I liked the best. I am almost afraid to say....Now I am done. Except for the logo that I am working on for the author.

My New photo

Here is my new photo from Sears, thank goodness for photo shop. I have a weird bump on the side of my nose from a skin cancer that was removed and left a scar and a bump. The lighting at the portrait studio made it look bigger. Did I say bigger? It made it look huge. A little clone tool and you can barely see it at all. I wish I had taken a few of the wrinkles out as well.