Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rainy day sketches

 I recently did a job with a very quick turn around, there was no time to play around with different scenes, so whatever I thought of first is what I used. This is the scene that was approved.  The illustration needed to show a sad boy that was bored because it was a rainy day, but that his little sister finds the day fun.  After the project was finished I thought about how else this could have been illustrated.  By doing this exercise I hope to get my brain thinking of different approaches to scenes to make them more interesting from the start. 

 I thought I would play with an outside looking in scene.  I like this, it looks cute. I like their faces.  Sister is mimicking her big brother,  she looks like she is enjoying the rainy day.


                    Then I thought maybe an angle would make the illustration look more interesting .

Then I thought to go a little further, use a downward angle and a hint that sis is dancing in the background.  I like this a lot, it has a lot more movement.  Maybe this scene would peek the readers interested.